Festival of the Arts Campaign - Student Work


Integrated campaign to advertise the school's upcoming "Festival of the Arts." The requirements were as follows:
1 double-sided 18"x24" poster which contains the schedule of events.
1 11"x17" folded schedule, to be handed out the day of the event.
1 6"x9" postcard which adheres to post office standards and includes a parking permit.
2 digital sign mockups illustrating what the advertisements would look like on digital screens around campus.


This ended up being quite a long project. The class started by coming up with words that they felt signified the feelings they wanted to convey in the advertisement. I selected 'compelling,' 'exciting,' 'intriguing.' We then had to create a matrix of those words, which included abstract shapes those words conveyed, colors, direction, and speed of the words.
Next, I cut out construction paper into different shapes and used those shapes to create different abstract shapes - keeping in mind the words we chose.
I then digitally reproduced and refined the abstract shapes and started playing with grayscale and pattern.
With the class and professor's help, I weeded down the different concepts I had. I then began experimenting with color on those refined concepts.

Finally, with the class and professor's help, I selected the composition that is now used in the final assets. The circular, shutter-like shapes invite the audience to look into the center to see the name and dates of the festival. The colors are vibrant and compelling, and commanding.


Overall, I am very pleased with the way this ended up. It was a long and difficult process and the end result is the visual representation of the original words I selected for the campaign.