"Creepy" Pinnacle Pest Control Commercial

The Project

Create a commercial for Pinnacle Pest Control to illustrate how annoying and "creepy" bugs in the home are. The concept was to have animated insects spell the word "Creepy" on a cutting board.

The Process

The creative director came up with the "creepy" concept and required my help to execute it. Together we filmed pickup footage of the closeup of the fruit bowl and fruit flying after the woman swats at it. The previous footage of the woman was shot previously by another team.
Because we had such a tight deadline, I did not have the time to model, texture, rig, and animate the insects, so we purchased already modeled spiders, ants and roaches. I then rigged the insects and animated them on separate paths so that they would scurry away from the woman's hand as she swatted them but then quickly reconvene to spell the word, "Creepy" with their bodies. For each insect type, I created a series of animations (head movements, body shuffles, antennae waving, etc) as well as walk cycles which I then put together using the Trax Editor in Autodesk Maya.
I lit the CG insects similarly to the lighting we used on the film shoot so they would fit in well with the background plate.

The Result

The client was thrilled with the result and I am quite pleased at how "creepy" the insects turned out. Time will tell if the client gets some more business out of the commercial.