Using Adobe Animate (Flash at the time this was created), create an animated e-card. The requirements were that most of the illustrations needed to be created directly within Animate but some elements also had to be created using Illustrator and Photoshop.


There is a Bugs Bunny cartoon that I remember where Bugs and caricatures of old Hollywood actors sang "April Showers." So I looked the song up and decided to sing my own rendition of it. I recorded myself singing the different parts using Sound Forge and my Audio Technica 4033c microphone. I then mixed the track in Sound Forge and attempted to age the sound so it felt like it was recorded back in the 1930s.
For the animation, I knew I wanted to create a story about a character who was having a really bad day. And every bad thing that happened to him, flowers would sprout up around him. So I envisioned a very angry cloud that follows this poor fellow around and rains on him, which inadvertently causes the flowers to grow at the protagonist's feet.
I wanted the look of the animation to feel like an old Disney or Fleischman cartoon. So I created all of the artwork in a sepia tone. Most of the art was created in Flash but other pieces, such as the automobile that drives by and the storefront set piece were created in Illustrator and Photoshop, respectively.
While this version is a video of the original Flash animation, the final product was interactive. The audience could click on the animation to start it playing. But because Flash is not supported as much on every browser, I converted it to a movie to ensure more devices can view the work.


I went a bit beyond the scope of the project, creating a song-length animation instead of a simple e-card, but I really wanted to tell this poor sap's story and the final product is quite funny. The class really enjoyed it as well.