The dreaded about me page. How do I sum up myself in as few words as possible (sorry, this will most likely be long) and keep it interesting to you, the dear reader who has actually taken the time to come here and read about me. Let's dive in David Copperfield style, shall we?
"To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born (as I have been informed and believe) on a Friday, at twelve o’clock at night. It was remarked that the clock began to strike, and I began to cry, simultaneously."
Alright, I'm kidding, I won't go into that much detail. Besides, I'm told I was born on a Tuesday around three o'clock. Let's fast forward a bit to present day.
I am an animator and graphic designer who is currently working at a wonderful advertising agency in downtown Sacramento, PorterCo. There, I get to exercise my skills creating everything from static advertisements for print, out-of-home (aka billboards), direct mail, as well as animated digital advertisements. I also get to flex my animation muscles by creating works in 3D as well as video work (shooting, editing, motion graphics) for both television and digital commercials. It's a blast.
I am also a husband and father, an avid video gamer and wannabe hiker/jogger. I say wannabe because as of writing this "about me", I am currently finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design at Sacramento State University. Coupled with my job at PorterCo, I have very little time for hiking/jogging (nor video gaming, actually). Getting back to the husband and father bit, I dig those titles very much. I have a fantastic wife and a crazy but awesome kid and we always manage to have a really good time together (lots of laughs).
For those of you still reading this, let's talk about my past a bit (ok, so perhaps that David Copperfield reference may not have been that far off). In a previous life, I lived in New York City and graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and pursued acting for many years. I co-ran a theater company for about 6 years with a wonderful couple who are still creating art and keeping the dream alive. While in NYC, I also worked in IT for many years, at a very large business law firm. I dabbled in photography and designed theater sets, lighting, sound, costumes, etc. for the theater company I was a part of as well as other small companies around NYC. Oh, and I also developed a number of video games with a group of friends at Phoenix Online Studios. I tell you all this so you can get a better, fuller picture of the breath and scope of my work, my experience, and my personality (I'm quirky and fun and I like getting caught in the rain but do not like piña coladas).
Personal motto: I believe in listening closely to my clients, friends, neighbors, etc., and asking relevant and poignant questions to help them as best I can solve their problems (whether design-related or other). I am also a HUGE advocate for storytelling. It's the ability to tell a compelling story through a design, animation, film, game, etc, that will win over the audience. Oh look, now I'm getting on a little soap box - but not an angry one. Also, where did that phrase really come from? I don't even know what a soap box looks like. I mean, I can understand a milk crate...but a soap box?
And there you have just a little bit about me. I hope it wasn't too painful for you. Thank you for reaching this far. You get a gold star.